Limerick Cycling Map

The basic principle is one of route classification i.e. roads, or stretches of road, are categorised by colour according to the cycling proficiency needed to use them – similar in concept to ski run grading; no attempt is made to identify cycle lanes etc – in the interests of clarity; these are in any case shown on the underlying Open Street Map – Cycle (OSM) – which the OSM community are hopefully updating – independently, as infrastructure is developed; legend:

  1. Yellow: Off-road: traffic-free
  2. Green: Suitable for most cyclists
  3. Blue: Suitable for more confident cyclists
  4. Red: Hazardous; avoid or use with caution
  5. Magenta or dashed lines: No or intermittent street lighting

The objectives are:

  • To help current and potential cyclists in Limerick find and use viable cycle routes appropriate for their cycling proficiency
  • Identify infrastructural impediments to the increased uptake of cycling in Limerick, hence the interventions with the greatest benefit
Online map Downloadable map

Underlying map is Open Street Map (Cycle); all tools are Open Source

Limerick Cycling thank Smarter Travel Limerick for printing maps and Piquant Media for hosting the map software

Other Cycle Maps:

6 Responses to Map

    • John Dawson says:

      Well much of Limerick’s road network is pretty discouraging, for many cyclists, most people agree, I think; but I did modify the descriptions a bit, as I agree, we don’t want to discourage anyone …

      Perhaps the Smarter Travel project will help – when it’s all rolled out; let’s hope so …

  1. f e mcdermott says:

    I think in general a cycle map such as this is useful in showing alternative routes and infrastructure but I find the descriptions over the top and simply discouraging to the cycling new comer. For example, blue marked as ‘experienced cyclists only’ covers a large part of the network. While it certainly isn’t as safe as the green or yellow routes, by labelling it so seems very dramatic and the language does little to engage the average / new cyclist.

  2. Eamonn Baker says:

    I tied to view this map. Won’t display . Tried both on line and download versions . Got an out of memory error when i tried to view it with Paint . I have never seen this error with other images .On line version wont display . Using Google Chrome and windows Xp. Problem with this map !!

    • John Dawson says:

      Re download, is ~10Mb, so you need enough memory to handle this … try another image view program …

      Thanks for your interest …

  3. John Dawson says:

    Security issue circumvented now

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